The Hitlers Teeth that was used during World War II stood as a stark reminder of the anti-Hitler sentiment of Germany and the Third Reich. Although these hideous teeth were intentionally made to resemble those of a human, they actually spoke volumes about the Third Reich’s genocidal policies toward its Jews and their culture. The German soldiers that were stationed in Africa were also not fooled by the teeth and recognized them for what they were. As they were afraid for their lives, German soldiers went out to kill any enemy soldiers that had them and the “Hitler Teeth” that were found in these soldiers’ skulls.

These teeth were a constant source of discomfort for the Hitlers. Heavily built and confident of his prowess, Hitler expected the public to accept his power and rule. To make sure this happened he set up “office appointments” to ensure the people around him knew he was still in charge. As the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”, he had the teeth made in the shape of a cross to symbolize the extermination of all Jews. Because the public quickly realized this was a fake tooth, no replacement teeth were produced, thus leaving this to be a lasting reminder of his horrific regime.

The most popular Hitlers Teeth reveal are in fact his genuine teeth. These are the ones you can see at the side of his mouth. His dentists did a wonderful job making them look real, while keeping his false teeth secret. Many people do not realize that this was a policy adopted by the Fuehrer in order to hide his own identity. No one knows how many false teeth he actually has since most of his dental records were destroyed after the war.

When the British soldier Liddell stumbled upon Hitler’s private study, his jaw was opened to him as he was examining the bookcase. Inside there were two rows of Hitlers Teeth. On each of these shelves, there were two artificial teeth made of gold and silver. The British soldiers took great delight in displaying their prize possessions as they talked about the accomplishments of Hitler as they watched their teeth in amazement. They were especially keen to show off their first set of teeth, which they had gotten during a visit to the dentist with the aim of using these teeth in a speech they were going to make to Congress to explain the actions which had been taken against Jews.

After World War II ended, the world was never the same again. There was so much hatred between West Germany and the Soviet Union that both of these countries had to be politically neutralized in the eyes of the public. The public began to question whether or not the German leaders were really human. The Hitlers Teeth reveals is still discussed to this day.

The dentist who did the examination showed no hesitation to provide the information. As a matter of fact, the US Government was very surprised by the results and felt the need to get the facts from him immediately. He soon came out with a book that was entitled “The Hitlers Teeth Exposed” and provided photographic proof of the fact that the pictures he had taken were in fact authentic. The book caused quite a sensation because it was written in a language that most people could understand. The story which follows is very disturbing and one should not ignore it at all.


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